Tony Abboud


Coaching is normally positioned at big corporates but having coaching within Real Estate industry has increased our thinking, were talking big big money compared to 18 months ago when we first started. Our vision is exponentially bigger than we thought it ever would be and thats because of the insights we’ve received through coaching. Its given us the opportunity to believe that we can do more than we’ve ever dreamed we could of done. It’s almost taken us up to another league.


Jarrod Rourke


A truly successful business is one that the founders no longer need to be involved with.
Learning and understanding how to relinquish control is the hardest but most important step in being able to achieve this.

John Roca

Managing Director

Before I decided to take on the services of Epiphany Training and Consulting I googled the word "Epiphany" (as one does) and found the following definition which I believe summarises its meaning better than most - "a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation".


Since working with Janine and her team my senior management team and I have experienced many "moments of sudden and great revelation or realisation". Some expected, some unexpected, some welcomed and others not.


If you're seeking support and clarity in terms of how to improve your business or even better the people within it, I would strongly recommend Epiphany Training and Consulting. In return for your investment you can expect managers/people that are more organised, accountable and focused on future plans to progress your business and improve your bottom line...

Nikolai Pavlovic

General Manager

We decided to engage Epiphany 8 months ago as we were struggling to implement necessary changes to our business to modernise our processes and improve our competitiveness in the market. Having met with Janine and Joe we decided to engage Epiphany on a monthly retainer, for an amount which I believe represents good value for money. Already we have seen a number of significant improvements across the business and had great success in some key areas.


The first area was trying to get our existing staff some of whom are very long term employees to buy into the change. Our staff having seen us invest in the business by engaging external business coaches understood that we were serious about making these changes and improving the business and this really helped us gain traction with the change.


The second key area was to clearly define our roles and responsibilities for each position within the business, this was an issue for us because without the clearly defined roles we had a lot of people delegating their responsibilities, whereas now we have clear cut position descriptions on which we can measure performance.


The third and most significant area of improvement or our 'Epiphany' at Rotric has been in the client facing roles where previously we were not as engaged in business development or maintaining personal contact with clients, we are electrical contractors, in our industry we install to Australian Standards, we were submitting prices at tender and prior to our work with Epiphany we were struggling to differentiate our service from our competitors other than by reducing our price at tender. Epiphany helped us improve our business development, relationships and communication with clients, this is how we differentiate our service and as a result we have seen great improvements  the amount of work we have picked up as well as the price we are getting it for.

David Haller

National Operations Manager

Epiphanies don't just happen on their own, they usually come from a build-up of experiences and help from someone to allow you to actually see the epiphany, and working with Janine did exactly that. 

I've been working with Epiphany for close to 5 years, during which time I've been on a huge journey both professionally and personally.

Professionally it's had a positive impact on business culture, dynamics, productivity, growth and ROI, and personally I'm more self aware, confident in my own ability, less stressed and balanced across all areas on my life. 


Acting as a natural sounding board, and having validation by someone you trust over time only makes you feel encouraged. 

It's not often that you get raw feedback which is coming from a place of honesty  in a respectful manner. It's unique. What can I say it's coaching, just delivered differently. 


Enzo Alessi

General Manager

Your ability to swiftly get the core of a situation and provide me with valuable insights, thoughts or questions for me to contemplate, have been very valuable.

Fiona Curdie-Evans


The leadership and delivery of service is one of the greatest strengths of Epiphany, and this is driven by the business leaders. Don’t ask a question unless you want the truth, be ready to be challenged and to explore your assumptions, values and position. Strategically divine!

David Hannan

HR Manager

We were fortunate to have had Janine conduct training at Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa. After every session that Janine conducted, I received comments from employees on how much they enjoyed and learnt from the training. Janine has a knack of understanding employees and get them thinking on how they can improve themselves.


Adam Towner

General Manager

The Epiphany team have worked well with understanding our business strategy and assisting in implementing our people and culture plan across the business.


Allan Garay

Estimating Manager

Epiphany have a great strength in leadership training, since July this year we have priced 38 tenders valued at $159m, 4 of which are pending at a value of $63m and we have won 13 tenders at a value of $63m. I think this speaks volumes of the success that we have achieved in such a short period of time and Epiphany are certainly a large contributing factor.

This strike rate equates to 1 in 2.56 which in itself is outstanding and given the size of these wins it is something the team which I include yourselves in and myself can truly be proud of

Melissa Iosifidis

Group Sales Manager

The coaching provided by Epiphany came with a lot of competence and care, which is hard to come by in business now days, the value we received was next level.

Simon Reid

General Manager

Working with Epiphany enabled me to step away from the day to day, assess our organisational structure and create a blue sky vision that begins with "why we exist".

Only when we understand why we exist, can we understand how we must act and refine our processes to support this.

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Klint Kordovolos 

Dealer Principal

Overall, Epiphany has helped structure the business through the:

- Implement of processes

- Identifying problems and resolving them quickly 

- Self-reflection and bringing out the best in you

- Gradual progress

- Increase in net profit

- Staff development and increase in loyal staff

Peter Toman 

General Manager

This program has made me a more adaptable leader to get more out of people, by being more explicit about vision and by being more assertive I've improved the way I develop staff and generate an increased level of motivation from the staff.


       Robert Mackellar            Director

I appreciate the straight talking!
They are pretty good at herding cats, and actually getting to the crux of the matter.

Rather than stewing over issues, I've been helped to get on and deal with them, after writing down a plan of attack. Simple, but really good advice.

I can't say I've really mastered the last one yet, but there is a bit of progress!​

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Rob Rowe

Managing Director

Janine has worked with the Unita management team to orchestrate across the senior leadership the organisational chart, roles and responsibilities & to build alignment. I cannot speak highly enough of this process, it was clear for me that my voice was not being heard and I needed a way to get buy in from the business and taking a step back and working personally with Janine behind the scenes allowed her and her team to engage management and include them in the direction and decisions within the business.  They finally felt they had a voice (who would have thought ☺). A result of the above has led to a highly engaged management team & clear direction along with strong relationships at the senior level of the business. Next step for us is taking this approach to the wider business through other activities.