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Why Project Management Systems are Important

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

All businesses juggle a variety of projects, tasks and people all at once and it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to manage. Having a system in place, such as a project management tool will allow you to efficiently manage your tasks and provide everyone involved in a project visibility on how a project is progressing, expected timelines and what, if any, roadblocks are causing issues.

Your staff will have a better understanding of the entire process and understand how they contribute to their delegated tasks. Team leaders can use a project management tool to have an oversight of the business and the ability to identify areas where they may need to intervene and assist.

The benefits of implementing a project management system are endless, including saving employees on average 498 hours per year through increased efficiencies, but here are a few reasons why we love them.

1. It helps give your staff confidence in their role, provides them with the clarity they need, and empowers employees to take initiative and act independently

2. It helps your internal staff understand when they need to escalate issues or when different stakeholders/management needs to intervene to provide support

3. It can document your processes and provide you with a scalable model. Project management software can document the way you do things and allow you to ‘copy and paste’ from project to project. This is a saleable product that can let you get loans, investors, sell your business, etc

5. It assists with managing invoice or claims disputes with clients because there is 100% transparency in the lifecycle of the project

Creating an effective project management system can feel like an insurmountable project in and of itself. Further, after implementing a system there is a lot of work managing the change process and culture to maintain proper project management processes.

That is why it is always a good idea to look at ways of delegation or external support to get systems in place so that you can focus on other projects at hand. At The Epiphany Group we have over a decade of experience with helping companies grow and use project management systems for both our internal work flows and when working with clients. Contact us today for advice on the best way to implement a system in your business.

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