Using LinkedIn to your advantage

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Using LinkedIn effectively can increase your desirability to potential employers.

Here are 3 quick and easy Tips to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is being seen by the right people:

Be Specific

You’re trying to sell yourself to potential employers, so make sure they can find you!

By simply ensuring that you include the industry you work in, details about your education, and even your volunteer experience, employers will be much more likely to view your LinkedIn profile. While you’re at it, write a few words about your previous experience. Talk about your daily tasks in each role, the skills you learned and the goals you achieved. It all helps!

*Be sure to include some key words! Industry-related terms will definitely help you stand out in a search.

Where is your photo?

Did you know that adding a profile photo can result in your 14 times more views than someone without one? That’s right, employers like to put a face to the profile. But make sure your photo is professional! A high-quality, recent headshot will go a long way on LinkedIn.

*No Instagram Hefe-filter selfies, please.

Don’t be shy

Don’t hesitate contacting people over LinkedIn! As a networking-based website, LinkedIn expects its users to communicate. So don’t wait for an employer to contact you, be proactive and send them a message.

But of course, don’t pester people with an onslaught of messages. Get your name out there, but don’t be annoying!

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