6 Tips For Creating a More Mindful Workplace

Generally speaking, mindfulness means being consciously aware and living in the moment. It means being aware of your feelings and experiences without passing judgement or reacting too quickly. In this blog, we will share 6 tips for creating a more mindful workplace.

The rapid rate of technology development means that we are experiencing information overload and increasing pressure from nearly every aspect of our lives. Our workplace and personal lives are impacted to the point where we are in a continual state of being overwhelmed and stressed. We are constantly “plugged in” and we are multi-tasking like crazy. But at what point do we become less efficient by trying to be more efficient?

For an employee, practising mindfulness means being fully present in the moment, thinking only of your current task, not worrying about what is piling up in your inbox or what the next project to land on your desk might be.

We encourage that you incorporate some of these mindfulness tips into your business.

1. Have your team take time for mindfulness

Allow them 10-20 minutes every day to just sit quietly and reflect or meditate. Some fantastic apps to download are Headspace, Smiling Mind, The Mindfulness App, Calm and Insight Timer.

2. Introduce mindfulness into the business by offering it in your development courses This will foster better communication within the workplace and your team will experience greater success and productivity.

3. Encourage team members to accept each other regardless of their strengths and weaknesses

We all have them. Do your best to accept people for who they are right now, not who they were in the past or who they might be in the future.

4. Be sensitive and mindful of other team members’ culture

We haven’t all had the same upbringing, we aren’t all from the same religious background. Embrace each other’s differences.

5. Take time to express gratitude for all of the good things that people are doing around you.

6. Email and text mindfully

Type it out, step away, breathe for a few moments, return and re-read it. Do you still feel that way? Imagine how the person reading it will feel. Is that the reaction that you want to achieve?

Try one or more of these tips to practice workplace mindfulness – even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

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