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Relationship between Leadership and Culture Explained

Leadership within businesses is directly linked to culture. Therefore, having strong leaders within your business and focusing on leadership development will result in the desired culture.

In this blog, we discuss what each variable is, and what the correlation is between them.

To look at the relationship between these two variables, we need to first look at the meaning of each variable.


Leadership is setting the direction, driving the vision, and motivating employees to achieve the relevant objectives. Leaders are inspirational; they set the standards of behaviour, achieve by doing – setting the example and create an atmosphere of accountability.


Culture can be defined as a set of norms, shared perceptions and values, an agreement of what the objectives are and how you will achieve them i.e. “the way we get stuff done around here.”

The correlation

By analysing both variables descriptions, it is clear why there is a positive correlation between leadership and culture. Leadership is about inspiring, motivating and driving desired behaviour to achieve the business outcomes. Influencing employees’ behaviours to align with the culture in which the business has developed and shaped, is a key role for leaders.

The type of leader you want in the business

Leaders you want within your business, are leaders who are able to drive the business through:

• Their behaviour to critical incidents and challenges i.e. fight or flight – do your leaders take accountability, drive an environment of problem-solving and thinking outside of the square and promote continuous improvement?

• Consistency with their approach to the employee lifecycle, such as: implementation of policies and procedures, allocation of reward and recognition, performance feedback etc.

• Internal controls and procedures such as reporting, measurement of objectives and frequency of team meetings.

• Their own behaviours and how they role model the company values and how they mentor and coach other employees.

• Communication and transparency across the business

These are the leaders who achieve this correlation between leadership and culture.

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