5 Steps For a Mid-Year Check-In

Has your business reached some goals, but abandoned others? Have you gotten off track completely? Have you personally or professionally made any progress on your long term goals?

Now is a great time to review both personal and business goals that you and your team set at the beginning of the year. Reconnect with your goals using these five steps.

Step 1: What were my goals at the beginning of the year

Objectively assess if your work tasks and your goals are in alignment. Did you or your team contribute the appropriate amount of effort to reach your goals? Some goals can take longer to achieve so it’s important to review your progress to ensure that you are actually moving forward and not just going around in circles.

Step 2: Measure goal progress

Goals must be specific and measurable so that you can monitor their progress. Does your current measurement indicate that you are on track or ahead of/behind schedule? Assess problem areas and consider if you need additional resources to get you where you or your business needs to be.

Reward yourself for achieving mini-goals and milestones to keep you motivated.

Step 3: Set up ways to effectively track goals

If you are finding that you are off-track from your goal progress, create a plan to regularly track and review where you are at so you can fix issues as they arise. There are several ways you can approach this:

  • Set a regular time or meeting to review goals. This can be during a staff meeting or a weekly management meeting.

  • Remind yourself of your goals by reviewing them at a specific time each day. Make it a part of your daily routine. Have your goals visible.

  • Break each goal into actionable steps. Many people get overwhelmed by all of the things that they need to do to accomplish a goal. Overcome this by breaking a big goal into small steps.

Step 4: Praise Progress

Reward yourself for achieving mini-goals and milestones to keep you motivated. Review the goals with your team, communicate progress toward achieving those goals and praise employees for their achievements.

Step 5: Update Goals

Determine if the goals that you set at the beginning of the year are still achievable. Goals that may have made sense at the beginning of the year may not be as important or even relevant now.

Doing a mid-year check-in does not have to be complicated. These five steps will help you reconnect with your goals, focus on what you've done well and where you need to improve.

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