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How To Write A Position Description

Position descriptions play a vital role in most aspects of the employee lifecycle. They provide clarity to employees and managers and can drive accountability and motivate employees to achieve desired results. In this blog, we will cover how to write a position description as well as provide you with helpful templates to simplify the job description writing.

What is a position description?

A position description is a structured document assigning work to a given role. It states what is expected to be performed and what the role is accountable for.

There are a range of the different formats and templates of position descriptions. Each company will have their own style that matches who they are as a business, what their values are and what they classify as important aspects of a position description.

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Include these 6 critical components

As a minimum, position descriptions should include:

1. role title, which should accurately reflect the nature of the job, including its classification

2. reporting structure i.e. who this role reports into, do they have any direct reports.

3. objectives: the expected actions/results

4. responsibilities and duties of the position – how the employee will achieve the objectives of the position

5. skills: what previous experience is required to perform the role


6. the attributes/qualities we expect the candidate to demonstrate

Include company standards

A position description, if it is well written, should also provide an understanding to the employee about where the role sits within an organisation and how their work contributes to the overall company strategy. Employees are more motivated and engaged with a company when they understand how their role contributes to the strategy and can see the direct correlation with their role and company results.

Download your 10 free position description templates now

Keep it clear and realistic

The language used throughout the position description can be the difference between a good position description and a great one. Using jargon or lingo that a potential candidate may not understand, could deter applicants. It is best to use keywords and language that relates to the role, as well as the industry your company is in.

Make the position sound interesting, without over embellishing. Start with an action word to describe the task, explain what success looks like, and provide a clear example where this adds value to its understanding. The position description should be clear, concise and pleasant to read.

Position descriptions are not intended to list or cover every kind of project or responsibility the position has. Rather, it should cover responsibilities and duties that are prevalent, permanent, and recurring.

Ready to write position descriptions?

Positions descriptions can provide clarity, drive accountability, and motivate your employees. Follow these tips we covered above to start writing position descriptions that attract the employees you want.

Download your 10 free position description templates now

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