How to enhance your business culture

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

If one of your employees had to describe what it was like to work for your business, what would they say? And how would their description reflect your organisation’s vision, values, environment, purpose or goals?

In other words, how would their answer reflect your company culture?

Company culture is the personality of your business, impacting organisational behaviour and beliefs. It is crucial to modern day business, as it can contribute to your success just as much as strategy, your product or service, performance, development and client relationships.

Have you heard of the saying ‘treat your employees like your best customers?’, well a company culture that focuses on the well-being of your employees will ensure they feel supported and satisfied, and it’s well known that employees who feel included, valued and empowered are ultimately the most loyal, productive and high performing, positively contributing to the bottom line of your business.

The well-being of your employees can be fostered in many diverse ways, and company culture is unique to every business, as it draws upon organisational size, structure and context, but it doesn’t just happen on is own – it is deliberate and needs to be nurtured.

We’ve complied a few points on how you can facilitate and enhance an innovative, productive and efficient company culture;

Be transparent and inclusive.

Instil open communication between employees and management, so that all staff feel like they have a voice, and that you respect it. Try holding team meetings in different locations, consider using an anonymous question jar for employees to leaders, think about opening up the layout of your office space and keep your employees in the loop with your vision and company direction.

Value employee happiness.

Try to make your working environment a fun place to be – how can you pleasantly surprise your employees? Maybe think about booking a group exercise class, choose a fun theme for a day of the week, organise random lunches so your team can get to know each other, have a relaxation space in your office or create competitions that encourage contributions and innovation.

Encourage independence and autonomy.

This will demonstrate to your employees that you trust them – with your mission, their initiative and their abilities, while also encouraging them to embrace accountability. This gives your team a chance to go above and beyond and facilitates the confidence they need to do their best.

Take your time with your hiring process.

Your employees are the people who bring your purpose to life, so you’re going to want to ensure that they not only possess the skills and experience you’re after, but also share your values and that of your business. Be selective, use trial periods and make sure you’re on the same page – a cultural fit is a key sign for future productivity and performance.

Company culture forms the foundations of your business. When considering where to work, or whether to stay at an organisation, individuals are no longer just considering salary, benefits or their job description, but they are placing a high emphasis on company culture, as it defines the environment in which they work in, their purpose and their overall motivation and performance.

So, now that we understand the importance of company culture and what it says about your business, let’s think back to our original question – how would your employees describe working for you?

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