How to avoid mediocrity and achieve your goals.

Mediocrity. It’s a fear many of us have, yet it’s often difficult to avoid. We all want to achieve greatness and create a life of meaning. We want recognition and to create a name that lives on long after we are gone. Yet as much as we want this, the path is often convoluted, requiring a great deal of dedication. To make things worse, our brains work against us and talk us out of doing what it takes to be exceptional. Why? Because our brains are hard wired for survival. It doesn’t want you to risk humiliation or rejection, which was a huge threat to our ancestors. It wants you to be comfortable and take minimal risks.

So, what can we do? How can we avoid mediocrity and become the best version of ourselves? It’s all in our daily rituals. It’s the little things that we do each day, most of which goes unnoticed and consumes most of our free time. Want to live a mediocre life? Then keep scrolling through Facebook, binge watching Netflix and hitting that snooze button. It is the small decisions that take us so far off course from our goals and fulfilling our potential.

Our daily rituals are everything.

Ask any successful business owner, creative or sportsperson.

A perfect example is this years’ Melbourne Cup winning jockey. You may or may not know that Kerrin McEvoy has won the Melbourne Cup three times. He has won the Sydney Everest race twice in it’s first two years. Cathy McEvoy, Kerrin’s wife, says that Kerrin is “unbelievably dedicated to his routine and training”. No doubt Kerrin spends time every day engaging in tasks that allow for continual self-improvement and mastery.

In fact, you will find that the rituals of successful people don’t differ all that much. Their goals and dreams may be different but the essence of their rituals remain the same. These are rituals you can incorporate into your day to help ward off mediocrity.

1. Wake up early

Most successful people wake up early. This provides them with uninterrupted time to exercise, meditate, read or prepare for the day ahead. Starting the day on a positive note sets the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Plan the day and create a schedule that you can adhere to

Spend a few minutes each morning planning out your day and noting down what you hope to achieve. By creating a schedule, you will leave less room to procrastinate and tick a lot more off the to do list.

3. Read/learn something new every day

The most successful people in the world read every day and are always learning new things. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates read for more than three hours every day. In fact, when asked what superpower he wishes he had, Gates responded “to be able to read superfast”. Reading and learning new things add more tools to your belt.

4. Spend time on self-improvement/mastery

By far one of the most important rituals. To become great at anything you must practice, practice, practice. This goes for managers, artists, sportsmen, chefs, public speakers, anyone. Make it your goal to improve a little each day and allocate time to do this.

5. Fail often

Fail as often as you can. Never be discouraged by failure and the opinions of others. The more you fail, the faster you learn and grow within your field. Avoid failure and you will avoid success.

It can be very difficult, in fact near impossible, to change your daily rituals on a whim. It’s best to start small and build your tolerance. For example, waking early – start by waking 10 minutes earlier than usual. Increase this each week by a further 10 minutes. Going too hard to soon will generate a lot of internal resistance, making it difficult to sustain.

At Epiphany, our business coaches have a wealth of experience when it comes to self-improvement and mastery. They can equip you with the tools and knowledge to improve your daily rituals so that you can excel in your career and business. Get in contact with us today for a free 30-minute consultation.

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