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How To Attract Talent Into Your Business

It is a common understanding that attracting the best and brightest talent into your business gives it the best opportunity to succeed and thrive. However, finding and enticing talent requires the business to review the most important element of attraction, the recruitment process.

The evolution of recruitment has changed significantly from a place offering you a job to the best opportunity to sell the business to the candidate. Selling the prospects of working with the business that will appeal to the candidate increases the chances of attracting them into the business. But before you get the candidate in front of you the business needs to start thinking creatively on how to attract talent. Some of the key attraction methods being used by business include:

But before you get the candidate in front of you, the business needs to start thinking creatively on how to attract talent.

Using video content

According to a recent study candidate application rate increased by 34% when a job post included a video.

Using video content in a job ad improves the interaction with the candidate by allowing the business to tell its story, show the company culture, highlight its perks/benefits and share the employee’s opinions of the business.

It is also more appealing to a candidate to view video content than reading through a job ad filled with buzz words explaining the same thing.

Develop a social media presence

With the rise of social media, it is important that a business has an active presence on social media. While this is nothing new, it is the continuous flow of content such as business and employee success stories, the launch of a community initiative, perks and benefits the business offers and the business social events that helps paint a picture of the business, its culture and values to the viewer.

The utilisation of social media will help the business promote its brand and assist in the attraction of passive candidates which as of 2019 made up 73% of the job seeker market.

Understand the Candidate Experience

The Candidate Experience (CE) is becoming a focus point for business wanting to attract the best talent with 82% of hiring managers viewing it as very or extremely important.

The CE is the perception of a candidate about an employer, based on the interaction during the complete recruitment process. This includes all points of contact during the job search, application process and interview process.

It is important that business create a positive CE as research shows that a poor CE can damage the business brand and reputation. With key findings showing:

  • 42% of respondents would not seek employment again at a company

  • 27% of candidates would actively discourage others from applying for a position at the company

  • 42% of people would not buy a company’s product in the future

Areas that could provide some quick wins and improve the business CE include:

  • Continuously communicating with candidates

  • Reducing the complexity and length of the recruitment process

  • Ensuring various recruitment tools such as behavioural tests, aptitude tests, video applications are all used in place of the outdated interviews

The road to attracting talent into your business is not easy and will be unique to every business. However, by having a solid attraction strategy that is constantly evolving will ensure the businesses success by bringing in the best and brightest talent.

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