Constructing Effective Leaders: Testimonial

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

The Effective Leadership course, designed specifically for Bennett Constructions’ Site and Project Managers, was a very engaging and interactive experience for all the participants.

Epiphany Training was our first choice to develop a tailored industry specific program. Managing Director, Janine Williams, had, in the past, delivered successful courses for individual members of our staff and we had total confidence Epiphany would provide the right training to meet our needs.

Primarily the focus of the one day course was to give our Site Managers the confidence and skills to manage on-site workers effectively and in accordance with Bennett Constructions’ systems and expectations whilst maintaining a positive work environment for the project teams.

The course facilitator, Lisa, had a great understanding of the challenges our site staff face. She connected with each individual participant and kept them involved and interested the whole time. She offered fresh and common sense ways for our staff to deal with non-conformance issues arising on our sites.

Bennett Constructions has a commitment to provide training and professional development for our staff and over the years we have engaged many companies to deliver a very diverse range of training. The course delivered by Epiphany has generated the most positive feedback.

“Learning about different communication styles was a great”

“By far the most effective and enjoyable leadership course I have attended”

“It was a great learning atmosphere and Lisa offered very practical ways for me to deal with everyday issues"

“It was good to see everyone participating. Lisa’s style created lots of conversation and sharing of ideas”

I could go on but the best recommendation I can give comes from our own in-house training evaluation. This course achieved the highest ranking from all participants, ie “Excellent” on all points evaluated.

Maria Kelly

IMS Manager

Bennett Constructions

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