Coaching vs Mentoring

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the difference is? And yes, they are very different, but both have a strong place within leadership and development of individuals and businesses. Find out what the difference is between coaching and mentoring.

It’s easy to get confused between the two but a simplified version is this:


“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance”.

Coaches are committed to helping someone get to a specific goal (or goals) that they are after. A coach must have the experience, skills and tools to create passion, purpose and results. Getting the right fit between executives and their coach can greatly improve their performance and achieve even better results for the business.

Coaches tend to meet with you regularly and make suggestions around how to make improvements, but it won’t just be for the sake of change. Your coach will have larger goals in mind, which ideally will have been agreed upon with you. They will question you, your week, what happened, what didn’t happen because they are looking for mental blocks and barriers to success. You will work together on overcoming these.


“A (usually) older, more experienced individual passes down their knowledge, their experiences and their wisdom to help support the individual that they are mentoring in their own path”.

Mentors have experienced business from a far greater dimension of real-world understanding and may hold you to a much higher standard than perhaps you hold for yourself. A good mentor is typically less concerned with what the company’s goals are; and more concerned around the personal goals and development of the mentee.

Talking and meeting with your mentor can be sporadic and the relationship can often turn into a long-lasting friendship as they can see elements and traits of themselves in you – sharing stories of family life/balance, successes, failures, changes they would have made in the hope of teaching and guiding you.

The mutual impact

Moving forward starts with a mutual intention. Your coach or your mentor can’t want more from you if you don’t want more from yourself. You may not even realise the possibilities that are available to you or the potential that lays within, and that’s where coaching and mentoring has such a powerful impact.

Making the choice

Making the choice between the two really can depend on where you are personally and professionally. And whichever path you choose, your interaction with them can be a catalyst for positive and very lasting change in your business.

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