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5 reasons why your business needs good internal communications

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

As we continue to navigate the workplace changes resulting from Covid, internal

communications have never been more critical. But what is good internal

communications, and why do you need to prioritise it?

At the core, internal communications is an effective way of sharing information in

your business. The right internal communications strategy will build and maintain

your culture and internal brand through exciting communications and

engagement. It will help you attract and retain the best staff and increase the

happiness and satisfaction of your people.

1. It keeps people informed

We’ll start with the most apparent reason why internal communications is

essential. Keeping your people informed of events, policy changes, engagement

initiatives, management changes, and importantly it keeps people updated in the

broader business strategy and goals.

Good internal communication is all about getting the information out to your

employees, ideally in a way that gets them involved and invested in what you

have to say.

2. Builds a culture

Internal communications is a way to help your company culture come to life. So

when it’s done well, with authenticity and employee centricity, it can have a

significant impact. But done poorly, the negative impact is often obvious and

happens quickly.

Each time you communicate with your employees, be it a leadership update,

company-wide meeting, intranet post or email, it plays a role in how your people

relate and interact with the culture of the business. It should be reflective of the

values and goals of the business and reconfirm why your employees choose to

work for you.

3. Gets people engaged

Engaged employees are happy employees who will be more invested in helping

the company achieve its goals.

Engagement is a two-way conversation, it should never be a top-down strategy

only, it should provide your people will the opportunity to ask questions and

provide feedback loops. It is also not just communicating ideas as much as

encouraging communication among your people.

Your people are the heart of your business, often on the front line talking directly

to customers, suppliers, and partners; their voice is essential. Giving them the

proper forum to share their voice will increase engagement and give you a pulse

check on your business.

4. Calms in crisis

Covid is a good reminder that things don’t always go to plan. And when they

don’t, good internal communication is what your employees need most.

Being transparent with your people will create trust and loyalty, and during a

time of crisis, this is imperative. Communicate the issue, who was impacted, how

those affected were supported, and what the business is doing next. Give your

people the time to reflect on the crisis and provide them with an opportunity to

ask questions or seek support.

How a business behaves in time of crisis is a direct reflection of the company; by

being transparent, empathetic, and putting trust in your people, in return, you will

receive enhanced loyalty and support when you need it most.

5. Promotes discussion

To ensure open communication in your business, you need to provide the

opportunity for your people to provide feedback. It’s not always pretty but giving

people the forums to collaborate and debate can harness excellent outcomes.

There are several ways to gather feedback; some include employee

engagement surveys, Q&A sessions, employee polls, and discussion boards. Not

everyone will feel comfortable sharing their ideas and feedback in person, so it’s

a good idea to provide multiple options for inclusivity.

Good internal communications will create engaged, loyal and happy employees.

If you don’t think your current strategy is working the way it should be, let us help

you create one that will.

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