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Marketing Strategy

To be successful as a business owner, you need to focus
on the right ways to grow your business. Having the right
marketing approach in place is instrumental for both
short and long-term impacts on your business.

Learn from sales expert, entrepreneur and business
owner, Joe Mekertichian, in this half day Marketing for

Business Growth workshop, the impact marketing can
have on your business, and the key areas to focus on to
maximise impact and ROI.


Develop Your Business Marketing Strategy

This program is intended for business owners and
leaders who are looking to take their business to the
next level. This workshop will equip you with the tools
to create a robust marketing strategy that will work
alongside your business goals.

Learn how to create a roadmap from start to finish for

your B2B marketing strategy that dictates your goals,
challenges, actionable items and projected results.

You will leave the session with the knowledge and tools
to take your business to the next level and receive a full
set of expert recommendations on how you can move
your businesses marketing strategy forward.

Program Outline 

  • Module 1: Document your vision, values and goals

  • Module 2: Create a business SWOT analysis

  • Module 3: Complete a PESTLE 

  • Module 4: Assess your brand value

  • Module 5: Analyse the 9Ps

In today’s marketplace, marketing strategy is king. Regardless of the nature and size of your organisation, it is
important to invest in building a strong strategy to define your niche in the marketplace and help you stand out.

Joe Mekertichian has over 25 years’ experience helping his clients achieve business growth. His passion is
supporting businesses and people reach new heights they did not think possible.

Applications Are
Now Open

Who you are

  • A small to medium business owner
    who wants to grow their business 

What to expect

  • A half day workshop

  • A solid understanding on why marketing is the foundation of business growth

  • A pre-workshop analysis of your business goals and competitors

  • A professional competitor analysis

  • Actionable recommendations for your business

  • A full audit of your marketing strategy based on your current tools

  • Recommendations for moving forward

Outcome A formidable leader 

Location Sydney

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Industry and Subject Instructors

Headshot of Joe Mekertichian, CEO of The Epiphany Group .jpg
Joe Mekertichian
Chief Executive Officer
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Joe has over 20 years of business management experience. Joe works with business leaders and owners to shape a unique strategic vision and design-related implementation plans. 

Headshot of Janine Williams, COO of The Epiphany Group.jpg
Janine Williams
Chief Operations Officer
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Janine is the Chief Operations Officer at The Epiphany Group and has over 20 years of experience working in senior roles such as CEO, Business Coach, Content Development Manager and National Training Manager.

Emma Headshot.png
Emma Jones
Marketing Manager
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Emma is known for her passionate customer advocacy that drives business transformation. Delivering global and local experience in solution-based strategies in the areas of marketing, communications, brand management and events, she is able to create and execute strategies that capitalise on opportunities within all professional environments.

Headshot of Eboni Fogerty, Marketing, Systems and Business Partner of The Epiphany Group.j
Eboni Fogerty
Business Partner 
Marketing & System Implementation
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Eboni heads up the Systems Division and has worked across a variety of industries providing in process mapping, training manual development, cadet and graduate programs, IMS development and


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