Leadership Training

Refresh, renew and imbue your Management Skills

Your people are the backbone of your business. And while they have the talent and tenacity, they may lack the direction and confidence they need to move forward.


Our programs can be tailored to all career levels and focus on helping your employees better understand how their role adds value to your business.


Our talented facilitators create a psychologically safe environment where management behaviours can be reviewed, challenged and monitored over time. This allows you to track the genuine return on investment you put into each employee.

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Emerging Leaders

It’s not enough to have deep domain knowledge as a leader. You also need to motivate people to perform at their best.  


Luckily, leadership is not an innate talent but a trained skill that can help you achieve excellence in your operational delivery.


This coaching-led program helps future leaders increase their self-awareness and harness their soft skills to empower their own teams to succeed.

What we cover:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement

  • Achieving results

  • Creating a performance culture

  • Effective communication, skills and conflict management

  • Coaching people's performance

  • Managing risks, health and safety

  • Your personal effectiveness 

Photo of two men participating in the Emerging Leaders Program
Photo of a participant discussing during the Coaching for Performance program
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Coaching for


Most business leaders and managers are required to develop increased performance and efficiency from their team, reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, reduce expenditure, and leverage and maximise all resources. 

To achieve this you need the skill of giving feedback in a clear and consistent way to achieve these results. Our program uses coaching to enhance skill levels for individuals and their team. This course creates an environment that simulates your current work environment and team to allow you to leave the course with skills to improve upon as you return to your workplace.


The return on investment applied is immediate. Understanding your responsibility and developing confidence to achieve measurable outcomes.


What we cover:

  • Coaching theory and its benefit to the business

  • Embedding coaching into daily practice

  • Commitment to better business results

  • Significant and sustainable behavioural change

  • Interpersonal skills including negotiation and conflict resolution for tangible business results

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General Manager Program

Developing a General Manager can create a sink-or-swim situation. This program prepares your General Manager for the range of business responsibilities they have taken on. It allows them to understand the critical business drivers and keeps you buoyant through even the most turbulent times. The 6-month program allows you to access support while you develop the skills you need for the role.

You will also be carefully matched with an experienced coach who can guide you on core business functions and equip you with the skills you need to drive business success. 


What we cover:

  • Maximising your performance

  • Developing your team

  • HR fundamentals

  • Driving business performance

  • Leading the business

  • Leading performance

Photo of participant during the General Managers Program looking at a card
Photo of facilitor of the Builders Accelerators Program
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The construction industry is project-based with fluctuating markets creating a scattered approach to teams and operations.


This program has been designed for residential, commercial and fit out construction companies and those who supply into them to tackle this unique set of challenges.


Delivered over 12 months you will be partnered with a coach to unlock the full potential of your business, its team, operations and strategy.


What we cover:

  • Strategy development

  • Leadership

  • Growth opportunities

  • Operational + delivery essentials

  • Sales and marketing

  • People and culture

  • Safety processes

  • Finance