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Executive Coaching

A strong leader has sharp strategic skills, is a clear communicator, and has developed self-awareness. But without the right guidance and honest feedback, it's harder to achieve your full potential. 

Developed by qualified executive coaches, this industry-benchmarked program is designed to fortify your skills, work with your strengths and focus on embedding discipline and structure while bringing balance and alignment personally and professionally. 

Working with a dedicated coach, we will review your behaviours and actions and how they impact the business, your team and yourself. We will assess the suitability of business and succession plans, analyse your organisational structure, plus develop the best KPIs to monitor performance and align all of these to best practice. 

What you will learn

You will work alongside a dedicated coach to build strength in the areas of accountability, self-awareness and opportunity recognition. All executive coaching sessions are 100% confidential between coach and client. However, where appropriate we will engage with the clients manager for feedback and further areas of focus.


During the program you will:


  • Increase the time spent in strategic high value, high priority activities 

  • Grow your skillsets in areas of leadership and management

  • Develop behaviours that align with your company culture

  • Identify, isolate and remove destructive behaviours 

  • Get regular, objective feedback from all stakeholders 

  • Apply self-awareness and strategic thinking as drivers

Who this program is for?

Executives who are committed to enhancing their mindset and skillset and becoming industry leaders.

Program Content

Duration: 3-month initial period 

Outcome: Optimisation of executives who are aligned to the organisation's goals and executing effectively. 

Location: Your workplace.

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Getting Results

The Executive Coaching Program has a strong track record of building formidable leaders through strategy, vision and action – on both a personal and professional level. 



"When you're already at the top of your game, you would assume you don’t need coaching. You would assume that you have got it all sorted. You would assume that you always know your next step. Being in the automotive industry for over 20 years I needed to navigate our business and myself to the next level.

Clintons Toyota are always about continuous improvement and personally, I am too. The Epiphany Group walked in and got the job done! The experience was definitely a journey, one we did not expect!

The Epiphany Group brought their PASSION! They inspired EXCELLENCE! They delivered RESULTS! We have had Janine and her team on board for over 3 years and we have never been stronger!"

Kurt Kordovolos Managing Director Clintons Toyota

Find out if your core leadership team will benefit from executive coaching.