Corporate Business

The Epiphany Groups' flexible ways of working make us ideal to work with large organisations. If your business is looking for short term support to cover gaps in your organisation or outsourced expertise in areas not covered by your in house teams.


Our flexible approach to working with businesses means we can integrate into your existing ways of work seamlessly. We can work as an extension of your team, spend time located in your offices, or provide strategic and executional support.


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Our Services

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Training & Coaching

Training and coaching to help your business plan and be ready for whatever the future might throw your way.

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Our marketing team has experience of working with budgets of any size, making sure your strategy makes sense for your business

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Human Resources

Human Resources is often an under developed area of the business. We can help you get set up or act as your outsourced HR department

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As businesses scale ensuring consistency and standardisation can help guarantee quality of work, as well as ensuring teams are working efficiently

Find out how we can help your business take the next step



“I've been fortunate to experience a significant amount of personal and professional growth and development through a program offered by The Epiphany Group that has literally improved every facet of my ability to lead a large team in a high-pressure construction industry.”

David Haller | National Operations Manager | Mirvac

Industry and Subject Instructors

Eboni Fogerty
Business Partner 
Marketing & System Implementation
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Joe Mekertichian
Chief Executive Officer
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Joe has over 20 years of business management experience. Joe works with business leaders and owners to shape a unique strategic vision and design-related implementation plans. 

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Janine Williams
Chief Operations Officer
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Janine is the Chief Operations Officer at The Epiphany Group and has over 20 years of experience working in senior roles such as CEO, Business Coach, Content Development Manager and National Training Manager.

Mychal Whittle
Head of Marketing
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Mychal looks after the Marketing Division of the Epiphany Group. He has experience working across businesses of all sizes from global corporates to small start ups. His background started in digital marketing but has worked across digital, PR, brand and strategy.

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Eboni heads up the Systems Division and has worked across a variety of industries providing in process mapping, training manual development, cadet and graduate programs, IMS development and


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