Builders Business Mastery - Sydney

Are you a residential construction business owner concerned about inconsistencies in revenue & making a profit?


Ask yourself, where is your business today?


Is it moving towards giving you what you expected when you started your entrepreneurial journey?

Did you have a vision of the perfect business when they started out but as you began to grow, you hit challenges & roadblocks of time, energy, money, hiring talented people, structure, resources, building a leadership team , building the right culture & having a point of difference & on & on it goes.

Recently we conducted a survey with staff working within residential construction businesses we work and asked them what they thought some of the challenges facing the businesses were? (who better to ask than the ones at the coal face)


The top 10 reasons are as follows:

  1. Owner doesn’t change!

  2. Owner controls everything

  3. No leadership or strong management team

  4. Not offering anything different than the competition

  5. No passion for customers

  6. No goals

  7. Owner doesn’t understand how to run the business

  8. They win business based on selling at the lowest price

  9. Not retaining talent

  10. Leadership team and staff are burnt out

Do these sound familiar? Which of these are holding your company back?

Leading to a Downward Spiral. 

According to Martin Apap, Business Coach at The Epiphany Group and ex General Manager at Rawson Homes & Burbank Homes, most businesses never get to the next level because the owner is not willing to make the necessary changes to make it happen.


“They get stuck in their comfort zones doing the same things over gain & again & the the downward spiral occurs... too much work to do yourself, hire some cheap or untrained help, work gets out of control, customers are unhappy,  cant make enough money, cant afford to hire better people & train them, no marketing or sales, you spend time putting out fires & fixing problems, no referrals or repeat business from clients, have to sell low price to get the work, cant make enough profit to grow, sleepless nights and no hope for the future".


Join us at the Builders Business Mastery Workshop and hear how Martin faced these same challenges at Rawson Homes and Burbank Homes and how he completely transformed and systemised both businesses.

Martin will share how he helped business owners navigate their anxieties and dilemmas as they tried to transition from a business that they control, drive and action everything, to a team powering the engine room.

Plus. how he: 

  • Achieved top 3-volume market share position for NSW

  • Increased housing starts from 125 to 670

  • Took a leading role to increase Rawson Homes’ revenue from circa $14m in FY04 to $310m

  • Increased cost-effectiveness by over 25% through implementation of a workflow and quality control system and compliance administration.

  • Installed Operational Systems

  • Installed Financial Systems & Controls

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Oct 16, 2018, 6:00 PM
The Hilton, Sydney




Ex General Manager at Burbank Homes and Rawson Homes


Managing Director

The Epiphany Group


Head of Finance & Operations

Zac Homes

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