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Alignment Workshop

Organisational and strategic challenges are often impacted by a lack of communication and alignment across key areas of business.


This workshop brings your leadership team together to enhance collective visibility and collaboration across marketing, sales, product and service delivery, operations, finance, and HR.

Working with your team we will review your current financial structural and market targets and review the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving them to date. We will workshop solutions, strategies and actions that need to be undertaken to close the gap and create a sustainable business.


We will also unearth unexplored opportunities, identify team inefficiencies and highlight how to keep your products and services differentiated.

What you will learn

Your team will undertake a comprehensive review of the business to address any red flags, roadblocks, and communication breakdowns. With everyone in the room, we can tackle any issue head-on and create breakthroughs for new solutions.


During the program your team will:  

  • Define purpose, vision, and values for the team

  • Complete a SWOT and leadership analysis

  • Review the current vs. future outlook

  • Develop a strategy for business improvement

  • Map out a game plan for future analysis

Who this program is for?

Business owners and their core leadership team who want to gain clarity on current challenges and priorities.

Program Content 

Duration: Half day workshop

Commitment: 4 hours 

Outcome: Business health check

Location: Your workplace

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