Alignment Workshop

Organisational and strategic challenges are often impacted by a lack of communication and alignment across key areas of business.


This workshop brings your leadership team together to enhance collective visibility and collaboration across marketing, sales, product and service delivery, operations, finance, and HR.


Coaching for Small Business Leaders

Working with your team we will review your current financial structural and market targets and review the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving them to date. We will workshop solutions, strategies and actions that need to be undertaken to close the gap and create a sustainable business.


We will also unearth unexplored opportunities, identify team inefficiencies and highlight how to keep your products and services differentiated.​

What you will learn

Your team will undertake a comprehensive review of the business to address any red flags, roadblocks, and communication breakdowns. With everyone in the room, we can tackle any issue head-on and create breakthroughs for new solutions.

Who you are

  • Business owners and their core leadership team who want to gain clarity on current challenges and priorities.

What to expect

  • Duration: 1 x 4 hour workshop

  • 1x Strategy coaching session

  • 8x Coaching sessions 

  • 3x Group workshops

Cost Quoted on Request 

Location Sydney

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Program Outline

As part of the workshop, we conduct a thorough review of your company history, as well as your current operational, strategic and HR challenges. We then work with your leadership team to align on the definition of business success and propose a structure to help you achieve success.

During the program your team will:  

  • Define purpose, vision, and values for the team

  • Complete a SWOT and leadership analysis

  • Review the current vs. future outlook

  • Develop a strategy for business improvement

  • Map out a game plan for future analysis



"I appreciate the straight-talking! They're pretty good at herding cats, and actually getting to the crux of the matter. Rather than stewing over issues, I've been helped to get on and deal with them, after writing down a plan of attack. Simple, but really good advice.
I can't say I've really mastered the last one yet, but there is a bit of progress!​"

Robert Mackellar | Director | TTW

Industry and Subject Instructors

Headshot of Joe Mekertichian, CEO of The Epiphany Group .jpg
Joe Mekertichian
Chief Executive Officer
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Joe has over 20 years of business management experience. Joe works with business leaders and owners to shape a unique strategic vision and design-related implementation plans. 

Headshot of Janine Williams, COO of The Epiphany Group.jpg
Janine Williams
Chief Operations Officer
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Janine is the Chief Operations Officer at The Epiphany Group and has over 20 years of experience working in senior roles such as CEO, Business Coach, Content Development Manager and National Training Manager.

Emma Headshot.png
Emma Jones
Marketing Manager
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Emma is known for her passionate customer advocacy that drives business transformation. Delivering global and local experience in solution-based strategies in the areas of marketing, communications, brand management and events, she is able to create and execute strategies that capitalise on opportunities within all professional environments.

Headshot of Eboni Fogerty, Marketing, Systems and Business Partner of The Epiphany Group.j
Eboni Fogerty
Business Partner 
Marketing & System Implementation
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Eboni heads up the Systems Division and has worked across a variety of industries providing in process mapping, training manual development, cadet and graduate programs, IMS development and