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Accountability Program

Starting a small business is a journey of trial and error. Understanding yourself, as the business's best asset, is critical in the early years. How you choose to respond to a situation says a lot about your leadership style and this style will often dictate how many mistakes you will make.


Rather than reacting on autopilot, we teach you to take considered steps to progress. You will also learn to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your full potential. Sales, high-quality delivery and cash flow are only some of the areas that we give you practical support and guidance on.

Growing your business can often be overwhelming, challenging and uncertain. The drive and motivation you had in the initial stages of your journey can often stall as you begin to delve deep into your business venture. All too often, we see this happen and we see our clients come to us feeling discouraged and deflated.


We are here to reassure you that you are not alone. We are here to support you on your journey to grow your business and work alongside you to realise your vision.

What you will learn

This program gives you access to domain experts across all business divisions, who can deliver industry-specific advice. You will receive guidance, support and education to help you develop on both a professional and personal level.

Program outline

  • Strategy 

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Human Resources 

  • Business Information Systems


During this program you will

  • Work with our experts to help solve your unique challenges

  • Receive an accountability plan with all the systems, tools and knowledge to help you succeed

  • Be part of an exclusive network of like-minded business owners who can provide support along your journey

Who you are

  • You own your business

  • Your business is small to medium sized

  • You want to grow your business

  • You want to hold yourself accountable

Program content 

  • ​Duration: 12 months​​

  • 1x Strategy coaching session

  • 8x Coaching sessions 

  • 3x Group workshops

Outcome A plan for growth

Next starting date 

Based on your availability 

Location Sydney

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Discover how to Succeed

Despite what you see in the media, there is no magic bullet to success. It's a culmination of hard work, consistency, perseverance, sacrifice, wisdom, and a passion for the pursuit of excellence. 



"I appreciate the straight-talking! They're pretty good at herding cats, and actually getting to the crux of the matter. Rather than stewing over issues, I've been helped to get on and deal with them, after writing down a plan of attack. Simple, but really good advice.
I can't say I've really mastered the last one yet, but there is a bit of progress!​"

Robert Mackellar | Director | TTW 

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