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About Us

We promise your Success Story

Who we are

The Epiphany Group is a collective of dedicated industry professionals with a common goal of helping companies, like yours, achieve their business and career aspirations.

What we do

We offer executive coaching, strategic planning, succession planning and board advisory services. By working with us, you will gain clarity on the current position of your business, understand where you want to be, and access the resources and assets to achieve this. 

We offer practical solutions to common problems business owners face as they grow. We provide HR, marketing, systems development, and compliance at a competitive rate using an outsourced model that gives you and your team access to the tools, assets, and coaching you need while your business scales.


For frontline team members, we provide quality training with a focus on actionable, practical application. 

How we work

We work with you to fully understand your business, concerns and vision and tailor an approach to increase performance, empower staff, and deliver results. We work with your team on both a business and personal level, providing structured, yet flexible programs.

Where we work

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional NSW, with consultants operating in every Australian city. This allows us to provide a boutique service to clients while delivering globally.

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